Tom King

Comic Book Artist

Tom King is an American comic book writer and screenwriter, as well as a former CIA agent. He is best known for writing “The Vision” for Marvel Comics and “The Sheriff of Babylon” for Vertigo. King eventually made his literary debut with “A Once Crowded Sky”, his superhero novel which was published in 2012 and was largely praised by critics and audiences alike. He was one of the minds behind Batman’s Rebirth Era in DC Comics. His most recent work, “Rorschach”, has just hit the shelves and focuses on this special character in the Watchmen universe and has been written alongside Jorge Fornés and Dave Stewart. Recently, King has been working on “Strange Adventures” with Mitch Gerads and Doc Shaner; and on “Batman/Catwoman” Issue No. 1, which is set to be released on December 1st.