Rafael Coutinho
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Rafael Coutinho

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Rafael Coutinho is a cartoonist, visual artist, screenwriter and teacher. Born in São Paulo in 1980, he graduated in Fine Arts from UNESP in 2004.

In 2010, he finished his first graphic novel “Cachalote” (Ed. Quadrinhos na Cia), in partnership with writer Daniel Galera - today in its fourth edition, with 10,000 copies sold. In 2011, he published the comic book miniseries, O Beijo Adolescente, by Editora Cachalote, founded by himself in 2010. Also in 2014, he illustrated the classic “As Surpreendentes Aventuras do Barão de Munchausen” (Cosac Naify - Sesi).

In 2016, he illustrated the edition of Forrest Gump (Ed. Aleph - 2016). In 2017, he launched MENSUR (Cia das Letras) and Modo Avião (Lot 42). In 2018, he released the compilation of the first three parts of O Beijo Adolescente, and in 2019 the covers of the new collection of Philip K. Dick's books by Editora Aleph.

In 2021, he illustrated 1984 - by George Orwell, by publisher Antofágica, held two original auctions on Instagram, made the first edition of his solo course "Risco de Artista" and launched his new book "Outros 500".

In 2022, he illustrated the poster for the show "TERRY GILLIAM: THE ONÍRICO ANARQUISTA" at CCBB and the premiere of the first adaptation of a book of his authorship, "O Beijo Adolescente", as a series on HBO Max will take place.

He currently works on new stories, maintains his website and store with his works and is an artist represented by Galeria Aura - SP.

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