Ana Luiza Koehler
Comic book creator
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Ana Luiza Koehler

Comic book creator Ana Koehler Profile pic

Born in Porto Alegre, state of Rio Grande do Sul, Ana graduated in Architecture and Urbanism at UFRGS. But before that, she had already been working as an illustrator for the print and digital publishing industries since the age of 16. She is currently focused on her research about the History of Urbanization in Brazil and History of Art, as well as the production of comic books and scientific illustration in the field of archaeology. She has been working as a designer for the French and Belgian comics market since 2006, as well as in several archaeological exhibitions in Germany. She released her comic book about the modernization of Porto Alegre in the 1920s entitled “Beco do Rosário” as a result of the RUMOS program held by Itaú Cultural in 2018 and finally published via publishing company Editora Veneta in August, 2020. She currently does continuous research on the history of Porto Alegre and post about it on her blog www. Also, she is currently working on her comic strips series "Viaduto ".

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