<p>Once again, the worlds we love are<br />gathering around at the very heart of CCXP.</p>

<p><br /></p>

The Artists’ Valley might be the purest form we can find to celebrate our passion for pop culture. Since CCXP’s very first edition, this has always been one of the most visited and beloved areas of the event, with artists from all over the globe showing their work directly to fans. Something this precious shouldn’t change.

If you’ve read to this point, you’re probably aware that this year the world’s greatest pop culture event is going full digital. In this edition, our tradition booths and tables will become virtual, individual pages through which you can show your prints, artworks, and comic books to the audience. But here comes the best part: all artists selected for CCXP Worlds’ Artists’ Valley won’t pay any fees or pay a share of their sales.

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